Can a Rebound Relationship Turn Into Something Serious?

Can a Rebound Relationship Turn Into Something Serious?

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Falling in love and being in a serious relationship is an amazing feeling. It can feel even more wonderful when it happens following a challenging or heart-wrenching break-up.

We as humans crave to be loved, and seeking comfort with a new partner is a tempting choice to help with moving on and healing.

However, there are varying opinions about this topic, and many experts suggest rebound relationships are a bad idea or are rarely successful.

But is that really true?

First, let’s take a look at the three rebound classifications I see most often with my clients:

1. Blindsided & Lost

You got dumped out-of-the-blue. You didn’t want the break-up and feel deeply wounded. The anxiety of being single is too hard to deal with. You’re desperate to fill the void and erase the emptiness and heartache. You feel lost being on your own. So you seek out someone who can rescue you out of your misery – or who you can rescue – and you dive in head first. You proclaim your love for your new partner right away and conveniently forget all about your past relationship.

2. Relieved & Angry

You’ve been feeling stressed in your current relationship. Things your significant other does are more annoying. You’ve lost your ability to bite your tongue, which has resulted in more arguments. You complain to friends, but hold out hope for a miraculous change. You don’t want to break up because you invested a chunk of time together. Your significant other finally gets fed up with things and breaks it off. You’re relieved, yet angry, and your ego is somewhat bruised. You decide to “screw through your feelings” to help you get over your ex. In the process, you meet someone who is more interesting and causes you to take pause. This person shares similar interests and life goals as yours, and you quickly realize this is someone you want to spend time getting to know a lot better.

3. Done & Ready

You’ve been mentally checked out of the relationship for quite some time. You know your life goals and interests are far too opposite and staying together would be unfair to both of you. When you’re ready and the time is right, you instigate the split from your significant other. You’re not heartbroken, nor do you feel lost. Instead, you feel strong and grounded in your decision. You’re ready to move onand explore all that you feel you gave up or couldn’t pursue when you were in that relationship. Your heart is open for love and before you know it, an amazing new person enters your life.

As you can see from the above descriptions, rebounds aren’t always bad or rarely successful. People enter into new relationships following a break-up for different reasons and motives. It also depends on your circumstances and past relationship history.

Blindsided and Lost might have the lowest chance for long-term success – especially if one or both of the individuals have codependency issues, are highly manipulative (e.g., narcissist), or are doing so to get back at their ex – but it can still be serious.

Relieved and Angry allows the person who got dumped to heal in their own way. Instead of just sleeping around, it can also entail casually dating a few different people at once for company and conversation. The success comes from finding themselves while dating and slowly figuring out what they want.

Done and Ready likely has the highest chance for long-term success because that individual is able to see clearly what wasn’t working, as well as what they want with a future partner. And when you know what you’re looking for, you’re able to find it much faster.

The probability of a rebound relationship turning into something serious depends on the individuals and circumstances involved, their motives, as well as what they ultimately want from a relationship.

*Original article published on Digital Romance Inc.

Is Your “Picker” Broken? Are You Choosing All the Wrong Guys?

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Picture this: You’re on a date with a new guy. You met online, his picture was hot and his profile looked exciting. You let him know you were interested in chatting, and soon you were messaging one another.

He asked for your number and you talked on the phone a few times. You began to feel a bit anxious because he hadn’t asked you out on a date to meet in person, so you took the initiative. He said, “Sure, why not.” And the plans were made.

A few nights later, as you’re sitting across the table from him at his favorite seafood restaurant, swapping stories and asking questions, and getting more acquainted, something really weird happens. It’s like a déjà vu feeling of, “I think I’ve been here before.” You sit there feeling a bit perplexed wondering what the heck just happened. You’re smiling and nodding as you try to pretend you’re still paying attention. This goes on for a few minutes. You’re quickly scanning your memory to try to figure this out.

It’s not the restaurant. No, you’ve never been here before. Or the smell of the amazing entrees being served to the loving couple at the next table. And, it’s definitely not that you’re on some accidental repeat first date – but wouldn’t that be a fun story to share on your next girlfriend’s night out?!

The feeling doesn’t dissipate, but rather begins to expand. It’s like that sense you get if you’re driving somewhere you hadn’t been in years, going off of memory, and it feels like you missed your turn off.

And then it hits you. It’s not this guy, it’s this type of guy. And you did it again – you picked the wrong guy!

Sound familiar?

It’s not just you. It happens to women more often than you may think. But, what tends to occur even more often is women will choose to ignore that proverbial tap on the shoulder that’s trying to get their attention.

They’ll convince themselves that this guy is different. Unconsciously, they think they can mold him into their ideal, or if they’re patient and accommodating enough, this one will become the one.

Or, they believe they’re not attractive enough, skinny enough, or good enough to land a better guy – so they settle for who’s sitting across the table smiling at them in that moment.

The good news is it’s not too late for you to course-correct so you can pick the right guy!

First, you have to decide you’re ready to make a change. But, if you’re wavering, have doubts in your ability to stick with a new formula, or allow yourself to listen to naysayers – then you’ll just continue to pick the wrong guys. If you’re willing to settle for the wrong guy, once again, you’ll probably want to stop reading now.

But, if you’re ready for a change – like really ready – continue reading.

Next, you’ll need to take a look back on where you’ve been. More specifically at all of the relationships you’ve been in – marriage, dating, casual, open, friends with benefits, one-nighters, etc. Put it all down on paper so you can see it in front of you. What do you see? What have your preferences been? Does anything stand out? Is it just the “same guy” over and over again?

You know what they say. You can’t change what you don’t (or is it won’t?) see.

When you are able to find the patterns, that’s when you’ll be able to make the easy, but necessary changes to your dating strategy that will enable you to pick the right guy!

Love & Light,


*Original article posted on Digital Romance Inc.

How Emotional Abuse Can Impact Your Health

After decades of struggling with chronic health conditions – easy weight gain, digestive issues, a racing mind, brain fog (difficulty focusing on tasks), chronic fatigue, and a nagging under-current of stress I just couldn't shake – I ffinally got to the core of what was wrong.

Every traditional doctor I saw over the years said my lab tests were all in the normal range, and they had no idea why I wasn't feeling good. When I pushed the question about my weight struggles I was basically told "calories in versus calories out," meaning I wasn't exercising enough and must've been eating too many calories. So for years I busted my ass counting calories, logging my food, practicing portion control, starving myself, and upping my exercise. 

In June of 2015 I finally found Dr. Michael Johnson, a functional medicine doctor. At the time I met him I'd been working out hardcore 6 days a week (high-impact cardio, running, and doing CrossFit). I was feeling exhausted all the time and completely frustrated because I knew deep down that something wasn't right.

Following a slew of extensive tests, Dr. Johnson diagnosed me with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and adrenal burnout. I suspected I had hypothyroidism because that runs in my family, but I'd never heard of Hashimoto's (Hashi's for short) before. Hashi's is an autoimmune disorder that can be genetic, triggered by extreme stress, or both. And my adrenal burnout was from consistently pushing myself so hard. 

To manage my Hashi's and heal my adrenals, I had to make some drastic changes to my lifestyle if I ever wanted to feel better again. Some changes were temporary, while others would need to be permanent. 

Temporary Changes

The first thing I needed to do was stop working out so I could allow my body adequate time to rest. I was able to go for walks and could do low-impact cardio, like Zumba Gold, but I needed to step away from CrossFit and running. As soon as I accepted that I needed to take a break from exercising so much, I felt a huge sense of relief. 

Permanent Changes

The scariest part was that I needed to make drastic changes to my diet. Due to how my body processes foods, I could no longer eat grains (wheat, rice, quinoa), corn, soy, dairy, or gluten, and I'd need to eat a Paleo diet to help heal my body.

At first I thought, "this doesn't sound so bad." But later that day when I went to the grocery store, I began to panic. Do you know how much packaged, canned, and jarred food contains grains, corn, soy, dairy, or gluten? Basically everything!! I stood in the "organic" isle of my local grocery store at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon and started to cry. The thought that was stuck in my head was, "What the hell was I going to be able to eat?"

Where I'm At Today

Fast forward over a year, and I've successfully transitioned to the Paleo diet and am enjoying eating a wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, seafood, nuts and seeds. I'm also  beginning to step back into working out again. What out Zumba, here I come!

I feel so much better now! I'm no longer exhausted all the time. My brain fog is gone. I no longer have digestive issues. And that under-current of stress....yeah, that's long gone too! 

The extreme stress I dealt with in my emotionally abusive first marriage and my family history both ultimately led to my diagnosis. And while that sucks, I'm so grateful that I found a functional medicine doctor who's been able to help me get my health under control again!

3 Strategies for Dealing with Shallow People

Photo courtesy of Expanded Consciousness.

Photo courtesy of Expanded Consciousness.

I've known many people who'd rather live life on the surface than ever find out who they really are.

Not sure what I mean? These are people who lead a superficial lifestyle (even within their intimate relationships with family and close friends) and only seem to be able to talk about how much better, cooler, or smarter they are than others or on certain topics -- think, the person who always has to be a "one upper" or a "know-it-all" in a conversation, or are quick to give bullshit explanations for their actions or behaviors when you know better.

So what can you do when you encounter or have to endure time with these individuals??

1) You see them for who they are and accept them as is. But in doing so, doesn't mean you have to agree with them.

2) You get to choose how much of your time, if any, you interact with this person. If keeping them at a distance feels good, then go with that.

3) If you cannot avoid interactions (maybe they're a relative or "in-law,") you can meet them where they're at by referring back to #1 and continuing to be YOU, just smarter! 

And here's the important HOW:

When the opportunity arises, shift the conversation to other topics to diffuse their show-off behavior. That might mean you sincerely ask, for example, about their kids, a pet, or how their parents are doing. This transition may seem to catch them off guard a bit, but go with it and observe any changes. Did their demeanor relax more? If so, then those are the topics to stick to in future conversations.

But if their behavior doesn't change - their intensity level stays high or their tone of voice doesn't chill, then make a mental note of that and try to find a new safe topic. And if that still doesn't work, then don't waste your energy or time any longer trying to converse with this person and politely excuse yourself ASAP. 

In doing so you are making the healthy (mental & emotional) choice to NOT participate in conversations that are shallow or superficial, and it frees the "show off/one upper" to find the people who enjoy these type of conversations with them more.


Is Your Significant Other Lying About Money?

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

This week I had the privilege to be quoted in a online article about relationships and money, and more specifically about signs your significant other is lying about money

Sometimes lying about or hiding money is a necessity, such as preparing to depart a toxic or emotionally abusive relationship. In my book, I Just Want Out: Seven Careful Steps to Leaving Your Emotionally Abusive Husband, readers are taught how to financially and physically protect themselves (and their children) before exiting their relationship and getting divorced.

And then there may be situations where you find yourself on the opposite end, and due to a string of oddities either suspect or discover that your significant other is lying or hiding money. In this instance the trust you held for your partner quickly diminishes or is totally blown to bits. 

But then, even before you decide to confront your significant other, you begin to have doubts or question if what you know is correct or not. You may feel compelled to confide in a close friend or family member about what you thinkyou saw, only for them to fill you with false hope or shame you for being suspicious. 

Your mind whirls even more and thoughts such as these fill your head....

  • Maybe he's just saving up for something special for me and that's why he's been keeping it a secret, like for my birthday or our upcoming anniversary?
  • Wait....I really don't have the right to nose around and dig into his personal business like this. I'm not some crazy diva type! 

So you do what seems like the next best thing and try to shake it off as you just being paranoid. But guess what? That lingering question is still sitting there in the back of your mind which, after a bit, will slip back into the forefront and you'll find yourself being even more observant of your partners behaviors and actions. This will most likely continue until you get to that breaking point and confront him. 

The tough part about confrontations is that you can get a variety of responses or reactions, such as:

  • Anger
  • Gas lighting - where he spins it back around and accuses you of being crazy.
  • Denial, more lying
  • Sadness, regret for his actions
  • Total truth - which may be good or bad

The good news is if you listen to your gut (aka, your intuition) your body will tell you the real truth. So listen to that and take the necessary steps to either reconcile things or consider if this truly is the type of relationship you want to stay in.   

If you find yourself in a situation where your significant other has been lying to you -- and that's a total deal breaker for you -- and you're looking for some guidance on how to step away from your relationship or marriage, I'd love to help you create a smart exit strategy – click HERE to get started.

We will have a 30-minute free consultation to discuss your problem and lay out your game plan. And if you're interested in having me be by your side through the planning and departure steps, we together can determine if we're a good fit to work together. And if I conclude it isn’t, I will give you my best advice on other options or resources. Click here to schedule your free consultation.

So if you think this might help you, or might help someone you know that is in this situation, please email me, or share this blog post with them and have them contact me directly at

Here's the link to the article so you can check it out: Signs Your Significant Other is Lying About Money

10 Money Lessons for a Successful Relationship

Photo courtesy of  Syda Productions /

Photo courtesy of Syda Productions /

I had the privilege of being interviewed by for articles about relationships and finances. Click HERE to read the full article on GoBankingRates website so you can learn how to have a successful financial relationship!

Birthday Giveaway - Don't Miss Out!

Image courtesy of: The Wellness Angel/pinterest

Image courtesy of: The Wellness Angel/pinterest

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4 Easy Steps to Taking Back Power from a Hater

Photo courtesy of Scott Stratten

Photo courtesy of Scott Stratten

Over the weekend a long-time family acquaintance sent me a private message making accusations about stuff I apparently did to her and "virtually" telling me off for unknown reasons. I hadn't had any communication with this woman in a few years, and when we did it was cordial and completely issue/drama free. So getting her message was a total head scratch'r.

Did it trigger a reaction in me? BARELY!

You see, I used to get all upset over stuff like this -- if someone didn't approve of a choice I made, how I looked, something I supposedly said, or just plain didn't like me. To avoid upsetting people, I would even gather their opinions before making certain decisions so I'd stay in alignment with what others approved of. And, if someone got mad at me I'd try to win them over by explaining myself or working hard to kiss their ass so they'd like me again. This happened with family, friends, at work, and even with acquaintances. I handed my personal power right over to others hoping it would please them.

But then LOTS OF LIFE happened and I cured myself of all that nonsense. Here's what I did:

  • I found my voice,
  • I rebuilt my self-worth,
  • I stood up for myself,
  • I stopped people pleasing, and
  • I made MANY CHOICES that enabled me to step away from small-minded people, control freaks, jerks, and people who were just mean.

And in doing so, I created a beautiful, fulfilling, and happy life!


  1. Do not I did not reply to their message. If you have the urge to, call a trusted friend to vent to, but DO NOT GET BAITED IN! It's best not to give them any attention back as that will only incite more accusations.  
  2. Recognize that these are their issues, not yours. Of course you'll probably still wonder WTF brought that on, but it's easiest to let go of if you attach your own why, like "she was probably drunk, but her actions enabled me to make an easy decision to end our online connection."
  3. If the message comes through social media, simply unfriend, block, or ban them from having access to you. If you receive an email or text from the hater instead (or in addition to) you can use the blocking feature to cease anymore contact. 
  4. Finally, DELETE THE MESSAGE, POST, OR COMMENT so you don't have to look at it again. Keeping it around is like re-opening a wound, especially if it their message bothered you a lot.

These steps will enable you to quickly take back power from a hater.

In my situation, I gladly banned the hater from my Facebook page, unfriended her on my personal account, and deleted her message. It was the quickest "Sayonara, Hater" decision ever and it felt really nice!  

Get Featured in my Next Book!

Photo courtesy of: Google Images/Tania M Adams/LinkedIn

Photo courtesy of: Google Images/Tania M Adams/LinkedIn


Beginning in September, I'll begin writing book #2 in my relationship series. I'd love to hear strategies you'd recommend that worked post-divorce or break-up that helped you heal faster and/or move on with your life.

OR, if you've got tips on what to avoid or not do, that would be great too! Your strategies and tips could make it into my book (anonymously if you prefer) and help thousands of women stay focused and avoid mistakes, wasted time, or unnecessary heart ache.

Email me at jodi@jodischuelke with the subject line of "Get Featured" if you're interested in sharing your story with me so we can help other women avoid unnecessary heartache, mistakes, and stress. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! ♥ 

How to Fend off the Green Eyed Monster: Jealousy

Picture courtesy of Google Images/

Picture courtesy of Google Images/

During my first marriage I remember feeling jealous of friends or family who had healthy loving relationships, and who had what looked to me like a REAL family. One where the dad was actively involved with the kids and supportive of his wife.

And because I did not have that in my life then, I felt miserable.

When jealousy would strike, I hated how I felt and how I reacted -- pretending my marriage was great, making excuses about my husbands bad behavior, falling into a depression, escaping the stress & heartache by diving deep into school and work, emotionally eating, and even on occasion verbally lashing out at my kids when they misbehaved.

What I didn't realize at the time was those green eyed monster attacks were actually cracking me wide open. Instead of feeling sorry for myself or hiding the truth, I began to realize that I DID DESERVE to have a healthy and loving relationship, and I didn't need to settle any longer. It taught me that I was worthy of a better life, as were my kids.  

And now I have it all!

But first I had to divorce my emotionally abusive first husband and was able to create a brand new emotionally healthy and stable life for me and my kids. I healed from my first marriage and learned how to stand fully on my own. And after many years of dating and experimenting and making many mistakes, I finally found the relationship of my dreams and have been very happily married since 2013!  

So if you're ready to....

  • Stop wishing you had what others have,
  • Stop wasting time,
  • Stop feeling disappointed,
  • Have a better future,
  • Finally find the relationship of your dreams, and are
  • Ready to do it smarter and faster... I CAN HELP!

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Fourteen years ago this week I left my emotionally abusive first husband, and 13 years ago our divorce was finalized. It was THE BEST DECISION I ever made for myself and my saved our lives in more ways than I can count!

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The Answer to "Why Did You Decide to Write Your Book?"

Since publishing my first book, I Just Want Out in March, I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I decided to write it and I wanted to share that with you today.

The short answer is this: I wrote it to share my story and to be able to help other women in similar situations smartly, safely, and swiftly leave their marriage.

The truth is - and I fully believe this - is that women who learn to listen to and trust their intuition experience more freedom and joy in their life. And I’m passionate about helping women reclaim their strength, open up new ways of thinking, and discover breakthroughs so they can move on from relationships that are no longer serving them.

I use my first-hand experience from my own 10+ years spent trying to fix my emotionally abusive first marriage, going through a divorce, and co-parenting to help guide women on their own journeys because I wish someone would have been there for me in that way.

It’s one thing to go through this experience on your own, but it’s entirely different to have someone standing by your side, holding your hand through every step of the process. The strength and support gained from that type of partnership is immeasurable.

If you could find your freedom and happiness again, would it be worth a few extra minutes to learn how?

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Check out My Book Launch Interview with Difference Press

Jodi Schuelke is a certified relationship coach and the writer of I Just Want Out: Seven Careful Steps to Leaving Your Emotionally Abusive Husband. In this book, Jodi writes about her own experiences and how she planned leaving her emotionally abusive husband and bringing her children along with her.

Check out this interview about my book "I Just Want Out" with my publisher, Angela Lauria of Difference Press. If you're looking to step away from your marriage (even if you're NOT dealing with abuse) this book is an excellent resource so you can do it smartly, safely, and swiftly! 

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These Boots Were Made for Walkin'!

♪ ♫ These boots were made for ‘walkin! ♪ ♫ And that’s just what they did!

Okay, so maybe I don’t wear cowboy boots, but I have walked a mile and then some in your shoes. I became a relationship coach through my personal first-hand life experiences and have lived the full relationship spectrum: Got married very young; spent years trying to fix my emotionally abusive marriage while raising two kids; planned our departure, and finally, safely, left my abusive husband; endured a long, stressful divorce while fighting for my rights as an emotional abuse survivor; and single parenting my sons while trying to co-parent with a narcissist ex-husband.

I vowed to give myself time to fully heal after all of that only to find myself smack dab in the middle of a tumultuous rebound relationship and foolishly buying a home together. Breaking up with and kicking out Mr. Rebound Relationship, buying out his half of the mortgage and starting over again. To then get downsized out of my 20+ business career while in the middle of Grad School plus having a hefty mortgage payment during the economic & real estate slump, and living off unemployment, heating assistance, Medical Assistance, retirement accounts, and the good graces of hand-me-downs and monetary gifts from family & friends. 

Just writing that makes me feel exhausted all over again! But, if I had to go back and do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a SINGLE THING. You heard that right.

I say that because through all of those experiences, I learned so much about what I really wanted for myself and in a partner. Your journey will take you through many highs and lows but you can benefit from my experience because I have been there before and I can show you the way.

Why not schedule a few minutes to chat about whether or not I might be able to help you? I promise there won’t be any obligations or high pressure sales! Just a brief chat with you and me walking through you’re your Journey to Freedom might look like.

Journey to Freedom Toolkit

Journey to Freedom Toolkit.jpg
It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.
— Aristotle Onassis

I know it may not always seem that there is a solution to your problem. When trying to decide whether or not to leave your abusive marriage, it can be difficult to see the light with so many obstacles in your way.

You can download my free Journey to Freedom Tool Kit which includes a FREEDOM Framework checklist to help guide you in your decision. Maybe it will help you start to see a little bit of light through the darkness.

Get your copy here: http://www.ijustwantoutbook.com

Believe You CAN!

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
— Theodore Roosevelt

Putting YOUR Needs First

As moms, our first thought in the morning and our last thought as we go to bed at night is about our kids. So naturally, my first thought when I was considering whether or not to leave my abusive marriage was my boys and whether or not it was the right decision for them.

One of the biggest mistakes women make is putting everyone else's feelings before our own. We sacrifice our own happiness for the sake of our children. That may seem like the best option for them, but in the long run will you be able to be the best mom you can when you're not addressing your own needs?

Find out what other mistakes women make so you can avoid them. Get your free copy of my Journey to Freedom Tool Kit which is a companion guide to my book, I Just Want Out.

If you've read my book you'll notice that I've dedicated it to my boys because in the end, they're what made my journey to freedom worth it!

Let Fear Be the Catalyst to Your Freedom

Photo courtesy of iStock images.

Photo courtesy of iStock images.

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.
— Joseph Campbell

Fear is a natural instinct and is intended to keep us safe, but when you hide behind fear versus utilizing it as a catalyst for change, it will keep you chained to your abusive marriage.

My book, I Just Want Out, chronicles my awakening how I planned for my and my children's departure, and how we safely and successfully left my emotionally abusive first marriage. Any mistakes and missteps I experienced along the way are also shared, which I hope will help you better navigate the process so you can get out safely and swiftly.

As of today, almost 14 years have passed since my boys and I left my abusive husband. I am so glad I was able to let go of that past life or I never would have known how happy I could be in the new life that was waiting for me.

You are a soldier and a survivor. You are smart and you can do this. Let me show you how. Click HERE to schedule your complimentary Journey to Freedom strategy session.  

It's Time to STOP Going in Circles

Do you feel like you keep trying to make progress in your marriage but instead you just go round and round in circles every day, dealing with the same abuse, never improving?

I can help you. One step at a time. In my book, I Just Want Out, my FREEDOM Framework will guide you through the seven steps to leaving your emotionally abusive husband.

You'll learn how you can finally start taking steps forward instead of continuing to go round in circles.

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Quit Talking, Start Doing

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
— Walt Disney

Does it feel overwhelming when you're thinking about whether or not you should leave your emotionally abusive husband?

With so much to consider....

  • Is it what's right for my kids? 

  • Can I afford to live on my own and support my children? 

  • Will I make things worse,

  • Can I even do this?

...ANYONE would feel overwhelmed! 

I had the exact same feeling when I was in your situation.

But here's what I learned: All that fear and worry doesn't get you anywhere.

Instead of focusing on all of those details that leave you with worry and guilt, I want you to just ask yourself one question:

If you could have the perfect outcome, is leaving him what you want deep down?

If your answer is yes, congratulations! That's all you needed in order for you to begin doing something to change your life. The rest, I can help you with.

Schedule some time for us to chat today and we can walk through what that looks like together.