“Great book! Often, books written about relationships fall into two categories – too personal or too academic. Not this book. It is written from the heart, but not in a way that is overwhelming. It is practical, with examples to help the reader gain further insight. Jodi’s FORWARD method is simple but effective – it is a game-changer!”

–David Lawson, Relationship Counselor and Coach, Finding the Light

“I bet most people know someone who hasn't found the love of their life and has fallen into frustration and discontent over their future prospects, not wanting to be alone but not knowing how to find that special partner either. Relationship Detox gives them the tools to reset their dating life and move forward with focus and integrity.”

–Carrie Saynisch, Health and Wellness Coach

“If we’re incredibly fortunate, we’ve found our mate and are happy for the rest of our lives – growing and changing together – embracing our similarities and our differences. But the odds are stacked against us. Unless we have a process such as the one Jodi lays out for us here. Jodi shows her vulnerability, ensuring us that we’re not the only ones with flaws. She talks to us in this book like a wiser, non-judgmental friend, and she guides us – in plain language – to ask ourselves the big questions that will lead to our authentic selves. She coaches us to understand ourselves better so that we can connect with a partner who loves us, supports us, challenges us, and helps us become all we ever wanted to be and more.”

–Karen Cain, Realtor

“Just over a year ago, my 22-year toxic relationship exploded. Deep down, I knew that day would come, yet I was unprepared for the depth of my loss of self-worth and feelings of personal failure. The last months have been filled with searching for a path to right my battered soul. At last, here it is! Your proposal of FORWARD action has a relatable framework destined for confident success. Your book and concept are engaging, accessible, and empowering. Thank you for assisting me in finding a new today and tomorrow.”

–Holly Levison

“Breaking old patterns requires strategy and heart. Jodi’s FORWARD Framework provides gentle guidance, encouraging you to be kind to yourself as you walk through the challenging, yet rewarding, path to take back your power. Do the work, make the changes, embrace the new you, and prosper!”

–Kim Schierl

“What an amazing book! I was able to relate to looking back at past relationships and the types of men I have been drawn to, and, most of all, how I allowed those people to control my life. After reading Relationship Detox, I am on a new journey. Thank you, Jodi for writing this and helping me along my new path!”

–Suzette Plemel, LMT

“Jodi has done it again! She offers an easy, effective process to follow with her FORWARD Framework. And she is there every step of the way. No truer words have ever been spoken than when Jodi writes, “Having a healthy and fulfilling relationship with a partner is wonderful, and is what I believe everyone truly wants deep down. But in order to have that with a partner, you must first have a healthy relationship with oneself.” I highly recommend this book!

–Dawn Radtke

“Thank you for sharing your personal life trials and offering guidelines to assist other women in similar situations, and letting them know that they are not alone! With this book they’ll be able to find themselves and not settle for a mediocre relationship. I admire your strength and courage in making changes not only in your life, but others too.”

–Pam Brace

“Relationship Detox is an easy-to-follow guide for women looking to really change their lives. The seven FORWARD steps are essential for anyone who has been stuck in the same dating patterns but wants to find real happiness. Thank you, Jodi, for writing an enlightening and no-nonsense book!”

–Sara Vander Loop, Sociologist and Teacher

 “Very informative! Even if you’re in a great relationship, this book will remind you how important it is to be yourself, that you deserve time for you, and how to do what you need to do so you can de-stress and take back your life. I can’t wait to share this book with others who can benefit from it!"

–Sherrie Erbs'

“For the first time ever, I think I’ll keep my resolution to get my life in order. I’m actually looking forward to starting my relationship detox, figuring out what I truly want in a future partner, and clearing the way so I can finally meet my dream guy.”

–Anna G.

“Reading this book, I felt like Jodi understood my rollercoaster dating and relationship past. I now know how to turn my focus inward, make myself a priority, and have a love affair with myself!”

–Lynn P.

“Relationship Detox is an informative resource that offers effective strategies for helping you get off the hamster wheel of dating men who are not the right fit. Jodi uses real-life experiences and offers practical and creative solutions. This book is a must-read for anyone struggling with finding a healthy relationship.”

–Michael Gordon, MBA

“People, especially women, tend to feel guilty if they aren’t in a loving partnership, and often tend to settle for less than they deserve. Jodi walks you through the steps to finding your ideal relationship and helps you through the pitfalls that can take you off that path. It’s an easy read, with great advice, and I highly recommend it for those looking for Mr. or Ms. Right.”

–Judy P.

“I am excited to have a book that promotes cleaning up your life before pursuing a new relationship.”

–Erin Cassidente