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From break-up's and divorce, healing and moving on, dating after divorce, to finding the relationship of your dreams ... Jodi can help you have the life you've always dreamed about!


Finding Forever Love - 7 Steps to Your Mr. Right

Learn how to:

  • Stop settling for guys who are not the right fit.
  • Identify what you really want in a future relationship partner.
  • Improve your dating strategy and skills to be more effective. 
  • Quickly spot emotionally healthy and stable men.
  • Evaluate your date to see if he’s your Mr. Right.

Creator of the FOREVER Framework™ process, International Best-selling author and relationship coach, Jodi Schuelke, will show you how to date with intention so you can find and keep your forever love. 

"I found my forever love, and I’ve helped countless others do the same. If you’re ready to finally find your Mr. Right and live happily ever after in real-life, get this book and get on your way to making your dreams come true!"

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Relationship Detox

Ebook available now:

Learn the 7 Steps of the FORWARD Framework™ process to prepare for your ideal relationship from International Best Selling Author and Relationship Coach, Jodi Schuelke.

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I Just Want Out

Learn the Seven Steps of the FREEDOM Framework™ Process so you can smartly, safely, and swiftly leave an unhealthy marriage or long-term relationship.

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