Before working with Jodi I was anxious and found myself consumed with my thoughts and unable to find peace with where I was at with my life. Working with her was the best thing I could have done, especially while I was recovering from an emotionally abusive relationship. Now I am much more at peace and able to recognize and rein in my thoughts before they get out of control. Jodi is very “real” and has lived through the same transformation I was trying to achieve, and it was easy to understand and follow her guidance. I’m thankful every day for how Jodi helped me!”

— Tammie M.

“I was coached by Jodi when I was going through a lot of transition in my life in many areas (mainly relationship and career). She provided a much-needed ear and asked the right questions to orient me towards the best route for my life changes. I went from feeling unsure to confident in my choices, and felt so much lighter and clearer after ending each session with her —I am so thankful I chose Jodi to coach me!”

— Shannon Ahrndt

“Thank you for sharing your incredible listening, and offering sophisticated suggestions tailored to my situation. So much material out there about relationships is simplistic, and I felt like you could really meet my level of self-awareness.”

— Rebecca Costanzo

“I felt very comfortable opening up and sharing my issues with Jodi, and knowing that I would not be judged. She has the ability to cut through the fog and get to the source of the issue, helping guide my thought process so I could find the answers on my own.”

— Jay S.

“Jodi helps me stay grounded and I trust her. I also value her opinions and suggestions. Because of that, she’s the one I go to first when I need to sort things out.”

— Candace B.

“Jodi helped me feel like a better person, and provided me insight that never occurred to me.”

— Melissa P.