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I Just Want Out

Praise for I Just Want Out

“So good. After reading this I immediately gave it to a family member and recommended it to a client. The author’s FREEDOM Framework process is incredibly helpful. The book guides you to imagine a way out of the life of fear, abuse and feeling trapped and then helps you to actually get there by guiding you through steps in a safe and careful manner, bringing up so many things that you wouldn’t think of yourself. It’s worth reading, even if you aren’t in an abusive relationship, because it’s great to know about this to share with a friend when she needs it! The author is so caring and supportive throughout.”

— Maggie Huffman, Author and Life Coach, Talk to Maggie

“In I Just Want Out, Jodi does an incredible job of describing how to differentiate between what we have been conditioned to believe and expect in an abusive relationship, and the realities of how a healthy relationship should function. Her words are raw and genuine, and empower women to grease and set the wheels in motion to get themselves into a safe and positive place. She provides the tools and draws from her own experiences to help with converting from feeling trapped and fearful to strong and empowered.”

— Kristen Genet

“I cannot imagine a better book on this difficult topic; in addition to the comprehensive and accessible FREEDOM Framework approach to separating from your soon-to-be-ex spouse. Jodi shares her own personal journey and the amazing resources and insights she created along the way. If you are wondering if the time might be right for you to pursue your own path to freedom, please make this book the first step on your journey!”

— Michelle Cotter Richards, Coach & Principal, MCR Strategies

“This is a great resource book for anyone struggling to leave their unhealthy marriage. Jodi not only spells out what to do emotionally, she offers ways to protect yourself financially in the event of a divorce. I found I Just Want Out to be a very informative read. Jodi writes clearly and provides concrete steps from her life experience to help women smartly prepare for getting divorced.”

— Sherrie Erbs

“This is such a rich book! Having managed to walk out of a punishing marriage – I know just how precious what this author has to share. It was like walking through a parallel world where the person telling the story can articulate the confusing and clashing feelings and continually frustrated intentions that hold you in place. And having articulated the place so well – Jodi builds a practical and well-thought out bridge to freedom. She’s really covered the bases from the emotional fall out to the practicalities. It’s sensitive as well to children involved, and the certain backlash from the partner. I highly recommend this book.”

— Wendy Hammond, Psychotherapist and Coach

“I was fortunate to be able to get an advanced reader copy of Jodi Schuelke’s fabulous book, I Just Want Out. And I say fabulous because I read the whole thing in one sitting. Informative, practical, and moving, all at once, this guide will tug at your heart strings, empower you, and hold your hand and your heart. Jodi shares her personal journey and outlines a practical and thorough step-by-step process for moving out of an emotionally abusive marriage with preparedness and integrity, so that you can move into your amazing, independent future. Bravo!”

— Linda Bucher, Master Certified Life Coach and Coach Mentor

“I started reading Jodi’s book and didn’t want to stop reading! I found it to be spot-on, and loved that it was taken from her actual experience. I, too, went through a bad first marriage, and wish I would have had a book like this 20 years ago – the advice and pointers are awesome. It’s also very encouraging for women who are nervous about leaving what they know and are used to and guides them through the entire process. Love the book!”

— Julie Behm

“As a survivor of an emotionally and psychologically abusive relationship of 21 years, I can say this is a brilliant, step-by-step manual for those who are in the same situation and want to make the courageous choice to get out. Not only does it deal with the emotional side of this brave decision, but it tackles the practical part as well. 

When you are in an abusive relationship and you want out, the emotional overwhelm and chaos can make you forget about the practical and legal side of things. But, let me tell you, that is an essential part, as much as the emotional implications. When dealing with an abuser, you must be prepared on all fronts, because they know how to manipulate and push your buttons. 

In sharing her story and then giving clear, practical steps, Jodi has managed to create a book that will be an indispensable part of your support system, making the ride considerably lighter. Jodi reminds you that you’re not alone!”

— Christel Van Gelder, Certified Life Coach, 3CHLifecoaching

“I Just Want Out is a straightforward resource for any woman wanting to get out of their bad marriage. Jodi does an excellent job of making the reader feel they are supported and not alone during such a brave life transition. The reader gets a realistic walkthrough of the process and an organized approach to moving out of a bad situation. It’s an easy read, with valuable insights!”

— Judith P.

“Congratulations, Jodi, for having the courage to listen to your heart, for making the admirable choice to leave a bad marriage, and now for sharing your success story with the world. There are so many nuggets of truth that resonated throughout the book. I Just Want Out is a true gift from the universe that can help so many women who find themselves in similar situations!”

— Julie E. Cline, Life Coach and Guide, My One HAPPY Life

“I Just Want Out really opened up my heart and mind to what many women deal with daily and feel there is no way of getting out of. All women have a choice, and it does matter. Jodi asks a great question: “What do you want for your future, and your children’s?” Her phenomenal book provided answers and helped me to better understand my past experiences, and to know that they were not my fault.”

— Cindy Conley

“Thank you, Jodi, for sharing your story so openly. I firmly believe that the number of cases of emotional abuse within marriage is epidemic in our country. The difficulty comes in finding the courage to share it and finding others who can validate our experiences. You have done this beautifully in your book! I cannot wait to share it with others who are looking for additional validation.”

— Lynn McLaughlin, Founder & Professional Life Coach, DandAlliance LLC

“There are going to be a lot of women who can relate to this book! If you’re experiencing emotional abuse, physical abuse, or both, I Just Want Out provides hope. Jodi is living proof that happiness is out there – women just have to want it and have the heart to go get it. Jodi put in the hard work for a better, happier, and more successful life, and she and her kids are thriving now. Congratulations!”

— Rebecca Casey

“I Just Want Out is excellent. Jodi put her heart and soul into these pages! I loved the thorough steps of her FREEDOM Framework process. Any woman needing to get out of their marriage, but who doesn’t know what to do or expect, can learn from this book. One passage from the book that really hit home was: ‘You don’t need a spouse to make you feel complete. A spouse, or any relationship for that matter, should be like an accessory – you’re here to benefit each other.’ Amen, sister!”

— Dawn Radtke

“I Just Want Out provides a framework for how to go about ending an emotionally abusive marriage. Jodi guides you through what to do, and when and how to do it, as you prepare for this life-changing journey.”

— Linda Brandt