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How to Fend off the Green Eyed Monster: Jealousy

Picture courtesy of Google Images/

Picture courtesy of Google Images/

During my first marriage I remember feeling jealous of friends or family who had healthy loving relationships, and who had what looked to me like a REAL family. One where the dad was actively involved with the kids and supportive of his wife.

And because I did not have that in my life then, I felt miserable.

When jealousy would strike, I hated how I felt and how I reacted -- pretending my marriage was great, making excuses about my husbands bad behavior, falling into a depression, escaping the stress & heartache by diving deep into school and work, emotionally eating, and even on occasion verbally lashing out at my kids when they misbehaved.

What I didn't realize at the time was those green eyed monster attacks were actually cracking me wide open. Instead of feeling sorry for myself or hiding the truth, I began to realize that I DID DESERVE to have a healthy and loving relationship, and I didn't need to settle any longer. It taught me that I was worthy of a better life, as were my kids.  

And now I have it all!

But first I had to divorce my emotionally abusive first husband and was able to create a brand new emotionally healthy and stable life for me and my kids. I healed from my first marriage and learned how to stand fully on my own. And after many years of dating and experimenting and making many mistakes, I finally found the relationship of my dreams and have been very happily married since 2013!  

So if you're ready to....

  • Stop wishing you had what others have,
  • Stop wasting time,
  • Stop feeling disappointed,
  • Have a better future,
  • Finally find the relationship of your dreams, and are
  • Ready to do it smarter and faster... I CAN HELP!

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