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Fourteen years ago this week I left my emotionally abusive first husband, and 13 years ago our divorce was finalized. It was THE BEST DECISION I ever made for myself and my saved our lives in more ways than I can count!

And I'd love for you to celebrate and join in the love-fest with me! So for the next few days I'M GIVING MY BOOK AWAY FOR FREE!

Get it for yourself (or someone you know) who's been struggling and looking for a guidebook to help them smartly, safely or swiftly exit their unhealthy marriage.

 No abuse issues, but you're your marriage just isn't working for you any longer......"I Just Want Out" also includes great information and tips on how to smartly prepare for getting divorced, and what to expect during the process and afterwards.

Hop on over to Amazon to get your copy today! You don't need a Kindle to get the can download it to any compatible e-reader on your mobile device or direct to your laptop or PC. Or simply download the free Kindle App on your mobile device first and you're all set!

I'd also LOVE it if you'd help spread the word and share this GIFT with your loved ones or friends, in divorce or abuse support groups, in business groups, and more!

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