About Jodi

Jodi Schuelke, Relationship Coach & Bestselling Author

Jodi Schuelke, Relationship Coach & Bestselling Author

Hello and welcome! 

I’m a Certified Life & Relationship Coach, international best-selling author, adjunct professor and corporate trainer. I help women and men step away from relationships – and relationship patterns – that are no longer serving them so they can prepare for and finally find the relationship of their dreams. The one they truly deserve!  

My Story

I’ve lived the full relationship spectrum, all first-hand experience: Dated my high school sweetheart; Got married when I was very young and very naive; Spent the next 10 years trying to fix what I came to realize was a toxic and emotionally abusive marriage, while raising two kids. I planned our departure and finally, safely, left my first husband; Survived a long, stressful divorce while fighting for my rights (at a time when the laws weren't as supportive of abuse victims); Co-parenting for 15+ years with a jerk and dealing with post-divorce legal issues.

Following my divorce, I fell into a long-term rebound relationship and shortly after our engagement, things quickly turned tumultuous and I saw his true colors.  That break-up felt like a second divorce, but this time I vowed to let myself have some fun...which became known amongst my inner circle as my 30’s Gone Wild phase!

Following countless dates and various length relationships, and ultimately lots of heartache, I was ready to get serious about my future. That's when I went through my own relationship detox and was able to clear out the muck, heal from my past, and figure out exactly what I wanted.

It was the best decision ever because it allowed me to finally find my dream relationship, and marry my best friend, Dan, in 2013. I've never been happier to have such a thoughtful, honest, trustworthy, supportive, and loving man by my side! 

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I've Been Where You've Been

I know what you're experiencing and what you're feeling. I know the frustration, pain, and heartache of being in the wrong relationship, and how hopeless that search can feel – when you find yourself dating the same types of men and seems like all the good ones are gone.

The great news is I have the tools to help bring you through the pain and struggles so you, too, can find your dream relationship. 

Ready to get started? 

Jodi Schuelke, Relationship Coach & Bestselling Author